CBD (Cannabidiol) and Pain Treatment For Dogs


Your dog is a part of your family and seeing him or her in pain is causing you pain. There are many treatments for treating pain in dogs. Many Veterinarians have not pursued Cannabidiol as a treatment for dogs as there is little information on the topic.

However, according to research, lab animals have shown decreased size in tumors, decreased levels of pain and a more relaxed state when given cannabidiol as a treatment form. Many Veterinarians worry that pet parents will inadvertently intoxicate their dogs when they use cannabidiol on them to treat pain. Just as in human patients, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Cannabidiol has been known to treat inflammation, pain conditions, hypertension, cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression and more. MerryJane wrote a great article about pet treatment with cannabinoids.

Much of this research has focused on the cannabinoid receptors that work with the dog’s body to receive the cannabinoids and put them to work. As they enter the body they work with the body’s natural receptors to fight pain and other medical conditions.

Choosing a remedy that is an all natural treatment is important to avoid side effects and help the body work with itself to ensure a healthy outcome for pets. Many are concerned regarding the psychotropic properties of the cannabinoids. There are many drugs on the market today that work on the central nervous system and many of these are also addictive. As more are taken, more are required in order to treat the pain.

Cannabidiol has no psychotropic side effects as it is the THC that gives the psychotropic properties to the cannabinoids. When using CBD oils for pain, there is no THC present to be concerned about.

Much of the discussion regarding whether or not it’s safe to use cannabinoids on pets is that it’s just now becoming legal for humans to use these products openly without shame. Extending this to pets is a natural step in the progression of alternative medicine and treatments.

There is currently a lot of discussion in many Veterinary forums regarding the use of Cannabidiol for pets suffering from the pain of arthritis and hip dysplasia. Many veterinarians are joining in the discussion and jumping on board to treat dogs with cannabidiol. They are favoring the cannabidiol as a treatment for pain, cancer and more.

It’s important to remember to follow veterinary guidelines when treating dogs with cannabidiol. Many Veterinarians are concerned that pet parents will simply treat pets and not be aware of the required dosages and thus cause their pets more health issues.

It’s important that pet parents and Veterinarians both take the safety precautions and treat pet pain with the proper dosages of cannabidiol for their beloved pets. This can decrease the dangerous risks of over medicating their pets.

By starting with the lowest possible dose of the cannabidiol pet parents are treating their pets in a responsible fashion and ensuring their safety. Just as in humans, always start with the lowest possible dose and if it hasn’t taken effect in an hour, give another small dosage to ensure that you’re not overmedicating your pet.

Before giving your dog cannabidiol, always check with your Veterinarian and make sure that he or she is onboard with the treatment protocol. Give your pet only pet approved medications and focus on working with your veterinarian to control your dog’s pain.